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Vincent Wang Malvern East, Melbourne
Chinese, Mandarin, VCE Chinese
I'm a native Chinese speaker, currently studying as a postgraduate in Melbourne, familiar with Chinese history, with rich Chinese culture, can talk with a standard Chinese pronunciation, for Chinese idioms and allusions are especially clear, also skilled in English communication. Sincere man with cheerful,enthusiasm, patience character, and always have a sense of humour.
Ph: 0478 825 699 Email Me

Nisal Punchihewa Melbourne
Unit 3/4 Biology
Graduated at Melbourne High School. Studying Medicine at Monash University. Biology study score 48. I can provide notes, practice questions and exams for all my students and am happy to provide help on the phone and even have extra lessons before a SAC or test. Group tutoring is at a discounted rate but one-on-one is also available. Preferred locations would be State Library, Monash University Library or Box Hill Library but I may be willing to travel depending on the distance.
Ph: 0451 991 727 Email Me

Dr. Diane Purcell Darwin Karama NT
Biology, Chemisty, English, Maths, Physics, Science
My teaching skills extend from primary to tertiary level education, including PhD students, age ranges from 3-25 years, mainly in one-to-one and groups in the Science subjects and Maths, and English. The type of tuition varied from school work, exam prep, coursework correction, proofreading assignments and preparing students for university level, courses.
Ph: 0455 884 702 Email Me

Catherine McDonald Melbourne
English, VCE English, Philosophy, Academic Writing, Essay Writing
I tutored at Monash, Latrobe and Deakin Universities for more than 15 years. I was awarded the Monash University Dean's Commendation for Excellence in Teaching in 2010 and 2008. I was a philosophy examiner for the International Baccalaureate for four years, and was an examiner in religion for the English GCSE. I was also a consultant on the VCE Philosophy Text Selection Panel, for the Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority. (VCAA).
Ph: 0422 943 828 Email Me

Morium Khan Bicton WA
Academis provides Mathematics group tuition (maximum 6 students per group), for 1) Year 7 – 10 students; 2) Year 11 and 12 students enrolled in either Maths Methods or Maths Applications. Accredited tutor and member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce (UWA). St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls Scholarship Winner. ATAR/TER 98.5
Ph: 0425 894 868 Email Me

Dr Hong Yang Parkville and all Melbourne
Mathematics and Chemistry
I am a qualified teacher and I have many years teaching experience in providing one on one and group tutoring. I specialise in VCE Unit 1-4 Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Unit 1-4 Chemistry.
Ph: 0470 102 617 Email Me

Dr Greg Ren Melbourne, Any Suburbs
Dr Ren is a highly-skilled Chinese language teacher with considerable teaching experience expanding from the late 1970s in China to the present day in Australia. He has taught not only in universities in China and Australia, but also in co-educational, boys’ and girls’ schools in Victoria holding positions such as Convenor of Chinese, Head of Chinese and VCE Chinese Coordinator in a number of educational institutions.
Ph: 0402 145 155 Email Me

Josephine Lim Melbourne, library close to student's home
Chemistry, Mathematics, Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Reactor Engineering, Chemical process analysis, Calculus
My tutoring principle is to get the students to grasp the concept of the subjects. I will give individual assessment to each student and guide them according to their level of understanding. Regular feedbacks and discussions will be given to the parents so they know the progress of the lessons.
Ph: 0422 677 827 Email Me

Sam To_ Doncaster East and Surrounds
Physics, Maths, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Further Mathematics
I served as a part time lecturer at the Hong Kong Morrison Hill Technical Institute teaching telecommunications. I have 7 years tutoring experience for Maths and Physics here in Melbourne. Whether you need a little help with your subjects, need to sharpen your skills or are entering Selective Entry Test or VCE, I can help. My students had excellent results in Selective Entry test and are generally well above their year level standards.
Ph: 0433 945 782 Email Me

Bryce Murphy Taylors Lakes and Surrounds
Maths, Piano, Physics and Japanese
For someone who recently graduated with a 96.40 ATAR and studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Melbourne and Diploma of Languages (Japanese), I will be able to offer assistance to a high level as I am still actively engaging with. I can also help you learn basic study habits that will help you for VCE and beyond which are basic life skills for success.
Ph: 0448 062 655 Email Me

Susan Lyons Williamstown, Melbourne
English, VCE English, IELTS
I have taught at both Scotch College and Westbourne Grammar. My students have received above average ATAR scores. I work one-on-one with my students, in order to help them achieve their full potential. I go the extra mile! After an initial assessment, a program is devised promote good reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Ph: 0404 403 509 Email Me

Verghese George Vermont South, Melbourne
Maths Methods
As a tertiary educator for the last 20 years, I have always been passionate about teaching. I teach year 10 Maths and 11- 12 Maths Methods. Limited spots are available for year 10 and 11. I will use the textbook, checkpoints and online material to teach the students. In particular I will help them work through past exam papers.
Ph: 0400 117 704 Email Me

Maria Reisi, Tutor Melbourne, all suburbs
Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry
I got my PhD in Engineering, with 5 years of tutoring experince. I worked as tutor and demonstrator in The University of Melbourne. I have a strong belief in personalising tutorials to best suits the needs of the student that I'm working with. I have experience in tutoring kids and adults, one on one and in small groups, and I have a lot of patience. I have taught and catered well for people with disability, learning difficulties, exam anxiety and have always taken special care with my students - with whom I feel extremely proud when they excel!
0406 257 207 Email Me

Melanie Connors, the English Doctor Greater Perth metropolitan area
English and Essay Writing
Services the English Doctor offer include:- Experienced English teacher/writer will tutor individuals or groups of any age in your home. I have a teaching diploma in K-12 TESOL certificate from Trinity College, London. I hold current Australian WACOT registration and an MA in English. I can assist and correct your written essays as well as proofread and edit MA theses or PhD dissertations. Rates negotiable.
Ph: 0458626724 Email Me

Dr Luke Bian - BHG Tutoring Melbourne
I provide tutoring for maths, physics, chemistry and biology at both VCE and university levels and helps for UMAT and GAMSAT in Melbourne. I have worked as a private tutor since 1997 and provide both one-to-one and group tutoring in English or Mandarin depending your preference. A favourite discount is offered for groups.
Email Me

Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics Tutor Perth WA
Thinksmart Learning is a tutoring organisation based in Perth providing 1 on 1 tutoring and group learning programs in maths, chemistry and physics. Call now to see how I can help you in maths 2AB - 3CD, chemistry 2AB/3AB and physics 2AB/3AB.
Ph: 0433 098 759 Email Me

Rainer Linz Western Suburbs Melbourne
VCE and Yr 11 English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Poetry Appreciation, Language Analysis, Selective Entry Exams, Conversational English for adults, GAMSAT
I've been tutoring for 11 years. I have extensive experience in tutoring VCE and Year 11 English and English Literature. I offer assistance to students in essay writing. I also prepare students for Selective Entrance Exams...
Ph: 03 9364 7443, 0422 523 466 (phone or text) Email Me

Shannon Gerard Sydenham, Taylors lakes, Taylors Hill, Keilor, Melbourne
English, Maths, Accounting, Economics, IT Literature, Business Management, Legal Studies, Science etc
Over 20 years tutoring at all levels: Primary, Secondary and University. I am currently teaching at Post-Graduate level and have marked assignments and exams at this level. Typically, I work with students on an one-one basis or in groups of two-three in your home or at a mutually convenient location. My lessons are run for an hour (minimum). I have completed the Working With Children Check.
Ph: 0407 231 171 Email Me

Frances Elliott Kilsyth and surrounding suburbs, Melbourne
French / Music Theory / Piano
I have had many years of experience in teaching both in schools and as a private tutor. I enjoy my work and always direct my teaching to the individual needs of those who come to me for assistance in their studies. I have a current police check as required for a person working with children.
Ph: 03 9723 8678 Email Me

Unique by Location or SubjectStateSuburbSubjectLevelsDescriptionProfileFeature LinkQualificationYears of ExperiencePositionHour Rate ($)
NSW Burwood Fourier series Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Fourier series in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood graph theory Secondary and Tertiary Tutor graph theory in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood HSC mathematics Secondary and Tertiary Tutor HSC mathematics in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood Mathematics Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Mathematics in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood number theory Secondary and Tertiary Tutor number theory in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood partial differential equation Secondary and Tertiary Tutor partial differential equation in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood topology Secondary and Tertiary Tutor topology in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
NSW Burwood transformations and symmetry Secondary and Tertiary Tutor transformations and symmetry in Burwood, NSW Lee Steven PhD in pure Mathematics12Head Mathematics Teacher$65.00
VIC Burwood English All Primary Tutor English in Burwood, VIC Emma Solomano Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics)  $40.00
VIC Burwood Piano Beginners and Intermediate Tutor Piano in Burwood, VIC Emma Solomano Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics)  $40.00
Tutor Age Band30-39
Address89-91 Burwood rd
Post Code2134
Phone (After Hours) 
Phone (Mobile)0433089616
Phone (Office Hours) 
EMail 1 Email Me
EMail 2 Email Me

Hello My name is Steven Lee, I am a qualified and experience mathematics tutor with a PhD in pure mathematics from the University of Sydney. I have been teaching for more than 12 years and know the HSC course in great detail. I also teach university subjects as I have been a mentor to first and third year students. My teaching program includes the text books and past papers to give students practice and revision I also provide notes and summaries which would benefit students in learning the mathematical process and concepts. I focus on applying mathematical principles and algebraic methods to help make maths easy by explaining the methods used to solve problems I am a results orientated tutor and I have been very successful with students achieving over 90% in their exam. For more information about classes please contact me on 0433089616

EdX Institute, scholarship or selective school examination, VCE and UMAT, Glenroy, Dandenong, East Burwood, Clayton

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