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Tutor Age Band40-49
Years of Experience10
QualificationBA Hons in Linguistics, Literature and History
AddressPO Box 827
Post Code5061
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Phone (Mobile) 0481251003
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I was born in Oviedo (Northern Spain) where I lived and studied for the first 23 years of my life. I graduated with a BA Hons & Master Degree in Linguistics, Literature & History at the University of Oviedo. I then moved to London where I lived and worked for the following 18 years primarily at Fortune 500 Companies with a focus on corporate Marketing and Sales. As a Spanish tutor, I help students with conversation and listening practice, all aspects of grammar, homework, test preparation, business Spanish, business presentations, resumes & interview preparation and short intensive survival courses for those intending to travel to a Spanish speaking country. I studied several languages and I truly understand the complexity of learning another language and how important it is to practice speaking and listening. I am very calm, cheerful and easy to get on. I always create a very motivating vibrant environment for learning and mastering the Spanish language and all the culture, tradition and history linked to it and I love sharing my passion and my knowledge with all my students All my lessons are informal and conversational - I work with the student to help him/her achieve his/her individual goals! I take notes throughout the whole lesson so that the student has a written record of my corrections, suggestions, new vocabulary and useful websites. All my lessons are personalized and I am happy to find new materials for specific requests. I also use all sorts of resources - always mindful of the student's own learning style. I have traveled around the world extensively over the years so I have a deep understanding of other cultures, languages, countries..... I can assist students preparing for the following examinations: DELE SACE IB