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Tutor Age BandNot Specified
Years of Experience12
QualificationMasters in Electrical Engineering, Graduate Diploma in Education
SuburbVermont South
Post Code3133
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Phone (Mobile) 0400117704
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As a tertiary educator for the last 23 years, I have always been passionate about teaching. In particular I enjoy the challenge of teaching mathematical methods in a simple and easy to understand format. I try to instill in my students an understanding of the concepts so that they can apply them to a practical problem rather then let them simply memorize formulas. I teach year 10 Maths and 11- 12 Maths Methods. I am available on Saturday 8 am - 4pm. Individual classes will cost $45 for year 10, $50 an hour for year 11 and $55 for year 12. Group classes (2 or more) will cost $25 -$40 each per hour depending on year level. I will use the textbook, checkpoints and online material to teach the students. In particular I will help them work through past exam papers. Classes will be structured based on individual student requirements. In general classes will be a mix of theory and problem solving. I have tutored students from Knox Private School, Glen Waverley Secondary College, Vermont Secondary College, Presbyterian Ladies College, Highvale Secondary, Doncaster Secondary College, Avila College, Avila College, McRobertson Girls High school and Haileybury. Join early for VCE Maths methods tutoring for next year. Limited places available. Classes are available through summer.