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Vincent Wang Malvern East, Melbourne
Chinese, Mandarin, VCE Chinese
I'm a native Chinese speaker, currently studying as a postgraduate in Melbourne, familiar with Chinese history, with rich Chinese culture, can talk with a standard Chinese pronunciation, for Chinese idioms and allusions are especially clear, also skilled in English communication. Sincere man with cheerful,enthusiasm, patience character, and always have a sense of humour.
Ph: 0478 825 699 Email Me

Titania Ferrisa, Elmtree Computers Melbourne
Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Our enthusiasm in helping young people, extensive tutorial experience and an individual tutoring approach are enabling students to achieve their educational goals with easy effort and great satisfaction. One of our specialised home tutorial in MATHEMATICAL METHODS 1, 2, 3 & 4 and MATHEMATICS 9 and 10 separate us from other tutorial services.
Ph: 0414 799 540 Email Me

Josh Martin Macleod, Melbourne
Maths, Statistics
I am a University Business tutor who teaches Statistics. I also teach Primary and Secondary students. I specialise in both Scholarship Preparation and Select-Entry Maths training. I am knowledgable about both Edutest and ACER exams. A have assisted quite a few students to gain admittance to Select Entry schools. I have fun techniques for teaching Primary Mathematics and I am very familiar with Years 7-10. I have had outstanding results teaching VCE Further Maths.
Ph: 0400 133 883 Email Me

Sue McKinnon, B.Arts (Hons), Brighter Horizons Tutoring Services Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston
On-line tutoring as well as intensive 1 to 1 tutoring. Tutoring is provided in English and SOCE, Senior English and Higher Education Arts subjects. Also TAFE units from the Conservation/Land Management Diploma, and the Community Co-ordination and Facilitation Diploma. 12 years experience at primary school, middle and senior school level in Advanced and Academic English and SOSE/HASS.
Ph: 0434 348 950, 0447 776 106 Email Me

Delphine Barber Doncaster, Melbourne
French VCE Tutoring
I am French and I moved to Australia with my Australian husband 7 years ago. I facilitate conversational classes in a private school in Hawthorn to prepare year 11 and 12 students for their oral exams. I also teach French to adults at beginners and advanced level for different language schools.
Ph: 0406 954 505 Email Me

Raji Remash Glenorchy, Hobart
Maths, Science, Chemistr, Physics, Engineering Maths, University Statistics
A very experienced tutor who has taught in India, Singapore and Australia for over 25 years. She specializes in Maths and Science for students in Grade 5 to Grade 12, University Maths and University Engineering Units. She is available during school holidays, school terms and weekends. Call in and ask for a quote today!
Ph: 0469 911 001, 032858728 Email Me

Julia Nirchberg Eltham, Melbourne
Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, Autism, Reading, Spelling, English, Maths, Essay Writing, NAPLAN, Special education
Julia Nirchberg, B.App.Sci. (Psych.) is an experienced behavioural therapist, social worker and a teacher. Julia specialises in working with children with learning difficulties. Julia believes that early literacy skills, such as reading, spelling and numeracy, can be achieved for every child who attends her unique practice.
Ph: 0415 197 073, 03 9439 0569 Email Me

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Domenic Aloisio Surrey Hills, Melbourne
Maths, Physics
Tailored maths tutoring solution that guarantees to improve your child's grade within three months. Over nine years for all year levels. Scored raw 49 for math methods in VCE and ENTER of 99.45 as dux of Marcellin in 2007. My approach is customising for the individual, taking time to get to know the individual student and making the learning environment intuitive, challenging and friendly.
Ph: 0410 668 093 Email Me

Frances Elliott Kilsyth and surrounding suburbs, Melbourne
French / Music Theory / Piano
I have had many years of experience in teaching both in schools and as a private tutor. I enjoy my work and always direct my teaching to the individual needs of those who come to me for assistance in their studies. I have a current police check as required for a person working with children.
Ph: 03 9723 8678 | 0457711888 Email Me

Mila Giganti Curchod Frankston, Melbourne
Spanish, Italian and French
Spanish - Italian and French tuition dynamic audio visual courses learn to speak, write and read with accuracy and flair whether you are a person looking for a new hobby or planning a trip overseas or a school or university students we can assist you now courses to suit your personal requirements learn in a relaxed ambiance (by the sea) and be guided by professional and experience language teachers
Ph: 03 8712 1632, 0409 555 875 Email Me

Italian tutor Roberto Tuzii in Brighton East, VIC - Major in foreign languages and literatures Italy
Catherine McDonald Melbourne
English, VCE English, Philosophy, Academic Writing, Essay Writing
I tutored at Monash, Latrobe and Deakin Universities for more than 15 years. I was awarded the Monash University Dean's Commendation for Excellence in Teaching in 2010 and 2008. I was a philosophy examiner for the International Baccalaureate for four years, and was an examiner in religion for the English GCSE. I was also a consultant on the VCE Philosophy Text Selection Panel, for the Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority. (VCAA).
Ph: 0422 943 828 Email Me

Dr Hong Yang Parkville and all Melbourne
Mathematics and Chemistry
I am a qualified teacher and I have many years teaching experience in providing one on one and group tutoring. I specialise in VCE Unit 1-4 Maths Methods, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Unit 1-4 Chemistry.
Ph: 0470 102 617 Email Me

Dr Greg Ren Melbourne, Any Suburbs
Dr Ren is a highly-skilled Chinese language teacher with considerable teaching experience expanding from the late 1970s in China to the present day in Australia. He has taught not only in universities in China and Australia, but also in co-educational, boys’ and girls’ schools in Victoria holding positions such as Convenor of Chinese, Head of Chinese and VCE Chinese Coordinator in a number of educational institutions.
0402 145 155 (phone or text) Email Me

Sam To_ Doncaster East and Surrounds
Physics, Maths, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Further Mathematics
I served as a part time lecturer at the Hong Kong Morrison Hill Technical Institute teaching telecommunications. I have 9 years tutoring experience for Maths and Physics here in Melbourne. Whether you need a little help with your subjects, need to sharpen your skills or are entering Selective Entry Test or VCE, I can help. My students had excellent results in Selective Entry test and are generally well above their year level standards.
Ph: 0433 945 782 Email Me

Susan Lyons Williamstown, Melbourne
English, VCE English, IELTS
I have taught at both Scotch College and Westbourne Grammar. My students have received above average ATAR scores. I work one-on-one with my students, in order to help them achieve their full potential. I go the extra mile! After an initial assessment, a program is devised promote good reading, writing, speaking and listening.
0404 403 509 (phone or text) Email Me

Verghese George Vermont South, Melbourne
Maths Methods
As a tertiary educator for the last 20 years, I have always been passionate about teaching. I teach year 10 Maths and 11- 12 Maths Methods. Limited spots are available for year 10 and 11. I will use the textbook, checkpoints and online material to teach the students. In particular I will help them work through past exam papers.
Ph: 0400 117 704 Email Me

Dr Luke Bian - BHG Tutoring Melbourne
I provide tutoring for maths, physics, chemistry and biology at both VCE and university levels and helps for UMAT and GAMSAT in Melbourne. I have worked as a private tutor since 1997 and provide both one-to-one and group tutoring in English or Mandarin depending your preference. A favourite discount is offered for groups.
Email Me

Alan Chau Thinksmart Learning Perth WA
Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics
Thinksmart Learning is a tutoring organisation based in Perth providing 1 on 1 tutoring and group learning programs in maths, chemistry and physics. Call now to see how I can help you in maths 2AB - 3CD, chemistry 2AB/3AB and physics 2AB/3AB.
Ph: 0433 098 759 Email Me

Shannon Gerard Sydenham, Taylors lakes, Taylors Hill, Keilor, Melbourne
English, Maths, Accounting, Economics, IT Literature, Business Management, Legal Studies, Science etc
Over 20 years tutoring at all levels: Primary, Secondary and University. I am currently teaching at Post-Graduate level and have marked assignments and exams at this level. Typically, I work with students on an one-one basis or in groups of two-three in your home or at a mutually convenient location. My lessons are run for an hour (minimum). I have completed the Working With Children Check.
Ph: 0407 231 171 Email Me

Unique by Location or SubjectStateSuburbSubjectLevelsDescriptionProfileFeature LinkQualificationYears of ExperiencePositionHour Rate ($)
VIC Edithvale Chemistry All Levels Tutor Chemistry in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Mathematics All Levels Tutor Mathematics in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Physics All Levels Tutor Physics in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Further Mathematics All Secondary Tutor Further Mathematics in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Mathematical Methods All Secondary Tutor Mathematical Methods in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Specialist Mathematics All Secondary Tutor Specialist Mathematics in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Biology Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Biology in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Chemistry Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Chemistry in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Maths Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Maths in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
VIC Edithvale Physics Secondary and Tertiary Tutor Physics in Edithvale, VIC Jeremy Kindler Bachelor of Science (Honours)13Specialist Accredited Tutor$80.00
Tutor Age Band30-39
Address19-21 Edithvale Road
Post Code3196
Phone (After Hours) 0402757972
Phone (Mobile) 0402757972
Phone (Office Hours) (03)97724772
EMail 1 Email Me
EMail 2 Email Me

Is help scoring a higher ATAR/GPA the only thing you're looking for in a tutor? If so, I've saved you a click because I'm NOT your ideal tutor.

If you're searching for complete explanations in simple and concrete terms taught in a patient yet passionate way, please keep reading!

My mission is to make your learning as memorable and useful as possible. If you score excellent marks but forget everything or can't actually use your knowledge, I've failed you as a tutor. When you love maths and science, see the connections between content and have practical problem solving skills, my work is done. As a full-time tutor, I care about your abilities constantly growing in the long term. You can rely on me to support you for as long as you need. I won't abandon you over holidays or before your final exams and I won't make you dependent on me either.

If you get to the end of this ad and still have questions, want some advice or just feel like a chat about education, please call, text or email. I'll gladly arrange a time to chat with you, no strings attached.

Not sure if we'll work well together? The first lesson is only $40 and I'll never pressure you with lock-in contracts or commitments. Is the tutoring actually for your child, sibling or friend? I work well with young students as I'm fairly young too, despite my grey hair.

How do I work? I tutor one-on-one in either my Clayton learning centre, online, or in your home. I record the lessons in Microsoft Onenote, which you'll be able to watch and play back anytime, anywhere.

What subjects? Any maths, chemistry, physics or biology for students in highschool or university.

How much do I charge? Ongoing lessons are $80 per hour, no matter how they're done. If I travel to you, there's also a $20 travel fee.

Is the fee too expensive? Do you have family or friends who are studying the same subjects? I am happy to accommodate up to 4 students in any lesson, with no extra charge, so you can split the costs.

Know anyone else who might work well with me? Please share this ad with them! I'm always keen to give advice and support to new people.

Now it's time for the backstory: What makes me a full-time tutor? I might be the first tutor you've met who gave their friends tutoring lessons on maths and science in the playground when they were 7! I held physics lessons about static electricity on the trampoline after zapping people too many times. It took until 1st year uni in 2003 to turn this hobby into a job, which was so fun I spent more time tutoring than studying. In 2010, I left my job as a chemist in a lab so I could tutor full-time. In 2015, I teamed up with a psychologist to create Brave HQ, where students of any age can come to receive complete educational, emotional and psychological support. We're proud of cosy space we've created in Clayton and our mission to champion the rights of students above anyone else.

My basic TL;DR resume:
⚡ Bachelor of Science (chemistry)(honours) Completed 2008
⚡ professional full-time tutor since 2010
⚡ 1000's of hours supporting 100's of students across 10's of years
⚡ 31 years old, with a sense of humour
⚡ ready to answer any maths, chemistry, physics and biology, even relating between them in the one lesson
⚡ 100% commitment to tutoring for as long as you need me
⚡ obsessed with absorbing new maths and science so I've got fresh knowledge to share

Got more questions? Please call, text or email anytime. If I'm with another student or it's past my bedtime I'll arrange to chat with you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

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