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Years of Experience16
AddressPO Box 244 Epping VIC 3076
Post Code3076
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Phone (Mobile) 0402145155
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Dr Ren is a highly-skilled Chinese language teacher with considerable teaching experience expanding from the late 1970s in China to the present day in Australia. He has taught in universities in China and Australia as well as in co-ed, boys’ and girls’ schools in Victoria holding positions including Senior Lecturer In-Charge of Chinese, Head of Chinese and VCE Chinese Coordinator. Dr Ren is an exemplary teacher winning Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in NSW in 2000. He devotes himself to teaching in order to help his students achieve their personal best in learning Chinese. If you aim to seek a knowledgeable, passionate, innovative, skillful, competent and experienced Chinese tutor, please forward your inquiry to gren@internode.on.net or text to 0402145155. Dr Ren’s background is Applied Linguistics and Education. He is specialised in teaching VCE Chinese. He has a track record of teaching excellence and taught many students who achieved high Study Scores, including 49(x1), 47(x1) 46(x3), 45(x1), 44(x2), 43(x1), 42(x3), 41(x4), 40(x8), 39(x9), 38(x12), 37(x4), 36(x9), 35(x10) (NB: a Study Score of 35 in CSL could be scaled up to an ATAR Score of 46/50). In the past five years, Dr Ren has taught and tutored four CSL candidates who have achieved 40+ Study Scores which have contributed to their perfect ATAR Scores in VCE including David Ren (99.95 ATAR, Dux of Camberwell Grammar, 2010), Patrick Lu (99.95 ATAR, Dux of Camberwell Grammar, 2014), Richard Yan (99.95 ATAR, Dux of Scotch College, 2014), and Katie Yang (99.95 ATAR, Dux of Ruyton Girls' School, 2015). Apart from teaching, Dr Ren has also conducted research into the teaching of Chinese and presented papers at international conferences held in America, England, France, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia as well as in Australia. He has won Best Paper Award in Hawaii (2011) and Paris (2013) and his research has been published in the refereed academic journals including Journal of International Education Research (USA); Journal of College Teaching and Learning (USA); Babel (AUS); Languages Victoria (AUS); and NZALT Referred Conference Proceedings (NZ).