Tutor Frances Elliott

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Tutor Age BandNot Specified
Years of Experience40
QualificationPhD(Education), MEd.MA. (Monash) BA.Dip. Ed. (Melb.) LLCM TD(London)
Positionprivate tutor
Post Code3137
Phone (After Hours) 03 97238678
Phone (Mobile) 0457711888
Phone (Office Hours) 0457711888
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Website bettereducation.com.au/Profiles/Fra...
I have had many years of experience in teaching both in schools and as a private tutor. I enjoy my work and always direct my teaching to the individual needs of those who come to me for assistance in their studies. I work in quiet surroundings and the atmosphere is relaxed at all times. I encourage a parent to accompany students at the lessons to give confidence and to be able to assist at home if necessary. I have a current police check as required for a person working with children.