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Tennis  144 
Surfing  3 
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Unique by Location or SubjectStateNameFeature LinkCourse RangeHistory (Years)Students (approximate)Special PurposeSuburbSubject NameLevelsClass SizeFee
QLD JENNER, Iden Other   CORNUBIATennisOther  
QLD RODGERS, Tracey Other  Level 1SLACKS CREEKTennisOther  
QLD WEBSTER, Roy Other  Level 1CARSELDINETennisOther  
QLD TOPARIS, Sophia Other  Level 1SHELDONTennisOther  
QLD TREBY, Jessica Other  Level 1GUMDALETennisOther  
QLD FISHER, Joshua Other  Level 1SALISBURYTennisOther  
QLD GRAHAM, Daniel Other  Level 1GRANGETennisOther  
QLD GREENE, Sam Other  Level 1MANLY WESTTennisOther  
QLD HEALY, Jane Other  Level 1MANLY WESTTennisOther  
QLD HERSEY, Saul Other  Level 1CEDAR CREEKTennisOther  
QLD HON, Ming Other  Level 1ROCHEDALETennisOther  
QLD AWHY, Dominic Other  Level 1KEPERRATennisOther  
QLD AZAR, Antonio Other  Level 1THE GAPTennisOther  
QLD BAKER, Joanne Other  Level 1FIG TREE POCKETTennisOther  
QLD BORZELLEGA, Carlo Other  Level 1GRANGETennisOther  
QLD BOSOMWORTH, Chris Other  Level 1BRIDGEMAN DOWNSTennisOther  
QLD DIMITROV, Boris Other  Level 1CANNON HILLTennisOther  
QLD DOUGHTY, Christopher Other  Level 1KALLANGURTennisOther  
QLD DUTTON, Jake Other  Level 1WYNNUMTennisOther  
QLD FAULKNER, Matthew Other  Level 1BRIDGEMAN DOWNSTennisOther  
QLD FIELD, Christopher Other  Level 1STRATHPINETennisOther  
QLD FINDLATER, Kirsty Other  Level 1CHANDLERTennisOther  
QLD ROSS, Lesleigh Other  Level 1ALBANY CREEKTennisOther  
QLD KERR, Nicole Other  Level 1WOOLOOWINTennisOther  
QLD LEO, Jeffrey Other  Level 1WOOLOOWINTennisOther  
QLD PACEK, Joshua Other7 Level 1EVERTON HILLSTennisOther  
QLD PATTERSON, Darren Other  Level 1BRACKEN RIDGETennisOther  
QLD SO, Peter Other  Level 1SUNNYBANKTennisOther  
QLD SPILLER, Joshua Other  Level 1BRASSALLTennisOther  
QLD MARKOSKI, Rubinco Other  Level 1COOPAROOTennisOther  
QLD MAXWELL, Rebecca Other  Level 1SPRING HILLTennisOther  
QLD MCCALLUM, Myles Other  Level 1THE GAPTennisOther  
QLD SAVILL, Roy Other  Level 1NEWMARKETTennisOther  
QLD SHARP, James Other  Level 1LUTWYCHETennisOther  
QLD JEFFS, Andrew Other  Level 1WYNNUM WESTTennisOther  
QLD MORGAN, Scott Other  Level 1WOOLOOWINTennisOther  
QLD MILLER, Stephen Other  Level 1 & Level 2THE GAPTennisOther  
QLD PRICKETT, Dave Other  Level 1 & Level 2UPPER KEDRONTennisOther  
QLD LOCKE, Alex Other  Level 1 & Level 2BURPENGARYTennisOther  
QLD LYONS, Danny Other  Level 1 & Level 2WARWICKTennisOther  
QLD KIM, Ted Other  Level 1 & Level 2ROBERTSONTennisOther  
QLD LANG, Wayne Other  Level 1 & Level 2EIGHT MILE PLAINSTennisOther  
QLD FISHER, Guy Other  Level 1 & Level 2RED HILLTennisOther  
QLD FANCUTT, Charlie Other  Level 1 & Level 2LUTWYCHETennisOther  
QLD CUTHBERT, Stan Other  Level 1 & Level 2CHURCHILTennisOther  
QLD DEVLIN, Beau Other  Level 1 & Level 2BRASSALLTennisOther  
QLD BEDNAREK, Teddy Other  Level 1 & Level 2BOONDALLTennisOther  
QLD BLACKLEY, Ross Other  Level 1 & Level 2THE GAPTennisOther  
QLD BLEE, Tim Other  Level 1 & Level 2BROOKFIELDTennisOther  
QLD HORGAN, Chris Other  Level 1 & Level 2YEERONGPILLYTennisOther  
QLD GUSE, Kerry-Anne Other  Level 1 & Level 2BROOKFIELDTennisOther  
QLD TRENCH, Justin Other  Level 1 & Level 2WARNERTennisOther  
QLD NOWICKI, Ted Other  Level 1 & Level 2SHELDONTennisOther  
QLD ROSS, Anthony Other  Level 1 & Level 2WYNNUMTennisOther  
QLD ZEMANEK, Shaun M Other  Level 1 & Level 2KEDRONTennisOther  
QLD WARD, Graham Other  Level 1 & Level 2ORMISTONTennisOther  
QLD SMYTH, Vincent Other  SMYTH, VincentCORNUBIATennisOther  

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