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The 2007 median ENTER of 95.35 was the same as 2006 and the equal highest result achieved by the school since the ENTER calculation was introduced. It maintained the upward trend of the past four years and supported the strong VCE Results.

Also pleasing was the statistic that over 91% of students achieved an ENTER above 80.0. This compared favorably to the 90% in 2006. A consequence of this is that it gives a large percentage of students the opportunity to find pathways into their chosen area of tertiary study or other careers.

All differences between year to year means and like school means are mostly less than 1 with downward variations equally matched with upward shifts when compared to the like school group. There are more increases across all studies when comparing the difference between 2006 and 2007 school means. This is also supported by the increase in the school mean study score in 2007 from 37.8 to 38.0. This indicates that the students are scoring comparable results with the like school group and matching previous years' strong achievements.

Keeping in mind that the studies are ranked according to the number of students attempting the study, the largest fluctuations are in the smaller groups which is an expected statistical variation.

The table and graphs of percentage of study scores of 40 or more show an increase in both the school and the like school group compared to all years since 2003. The large studies, such as English, mathematics and the sciences, are strong contributors to the overall mean. It is important to note that in the ENTER calculation mathematics and the sciences are 'scaled up' as these are the most competitive areas, so many of the boys are achieving scaled scores well above 40 which are not reflected in these statistics.