Schools by VCE Top Achievers - 2017

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Find out Victorian secondary schools which have produced more top scores (study scores above 40) per student in 2017. The following table lists the schools based on the percentage of the number of the top scores over the number of VCE students. The difference between this percentage and the percentage of scores of 40, which is used in VCE school rankings, is that the former is based on VCE enrolments while the latter total studies / subjects undertaken. Note that this percentage can be greater than 100%. You can also sort the list according to the total number of the high scores (including entries of all subjects).  Related: Schools sorted by the percentage or the number of high scorers by subjects | Perfect subject scorers and schools | Top achievers by first name and/or last name | VCE school performance by school name. If you want to compare school's VCE results, see VCE School Ranking. For the results of other years, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions. Read more.
  1. This is not a school ranking table.
  2. The students who didn't give permission to publish their scores are not included.
  3. IB results are not included. See the list of IB Schools; VCE Students - Number of students enrolled in at least one VCE unit at level 3-4.
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  5. Unit 3-4 cohort - Number of students enrolled in at least one VCE unit at level 3-4
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School%QtyUnit 3-4 cohortLocalityIB
Ivanhoe Grammar School 92.25 %119129MERNDA 
Ballarat Clarendon College 90.69 %185204BALLARAT 
Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL 84.64 %226267WHEELERS HILL 
Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar School 74.23 %121163CANTERBURY 
Melbourne Grammar School 68.34 %259379MELBOURNE 
Brighton Grammar School 66.06 %144218BRIGHTON 
Mentone Grammar School 62.50 %165264MENTONE 
Mentone Girls' Grammar School 59.52 %100168MENTONE 
Lauriston Girls' School 51.61 %4893ARMADALEY
Mckinnon Secondary College 50.94 %270530MCKINNON 
Murrayville Community College 48.00 %1225MURRAYVILLE 
Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School 46.01 %127276IVANHOE 
Glen Waverley Secondary College 43.76 %284649GLEN WAVERLEY 
Alphington Grammar School 43.62 %4194ALPHINGTON 
Apollo Bay P-12 College 39.29 %1128APOLLO BAY 
Ivanhoe Grammar School 38.51 %119309IVANHOEY
Wesley College,Melbourne 38.15 %66173MELBOURNEY
Dimboola Memorial Secondary College 38.10 %821DIMBOOLA 
Box Hill High School 37.85 %148391BOX HILL 
Canterbury Girls Secondary College 37.74 %97257CANTERBURY 
Bacchus Marsh Grammar 36.87 %80217BACCHUS MARSH 
The Hamilton and Alexandra College 35.43 %45127HAMILTON 
Albert Park College 32.66 %81248ALBERT PARKY
Wesley College,Glen Waverley 30.77 %36117GLEN WAVERLEYY
Donvale Christian College 28.72 %56195DONVALE 
Princes Hill Secondary College 28.50 %55193PRINCES HILL 
Strathmore Secondary College 28.30 %105371STRATHMORE 
Swifts Creek P-12 School 27.27 %311SWIFTS CREEK 
Mortlake College 27.27 %622MORTLAKE 
Northcote High School 25.34 %112442NORTHCOTE 
Catholic College Sale 23.85 %57239SALE 
Vermont Secondary College 23.83 %66277VERMONT 
Mentone Girls' Secondary College 23.10 %76329MENTONE 
Goroke P-12 College 22.22 %418GOROKE 
Nhill College 22.00 %1150NHILL 
Brunswick Secondary College 21.88 %42192BRUNSWICK 
Beaconhills College,BERWICK 21.49 %49228BERWICK 
Dromana Secondary College 21.31 %39183DROMANA 
Werribee Secondary College 21.09 %66313WERRIBEEY
Ouyen P-12 College 21.05 %419OUYEN 
Flinders Christian Community College,Carrum Downs 20.14 %28139CARRUM DOWNS 
Beaconhills College,PAKENHAM 19.08 %33173PAKENHAM 
Mount Waverley Secondary College 18.22 %80439MOUNT WAVERLEY 
Shepparton Christian College 18.18 %633SHEPPARTON 
Williamstown High School 17.97 %71395WILLIAMSTOWN 
Boort District P-12 School 17.39 %423BOORT 
Cheltenham Secondary College 17.26 %39226CHELTENHAM 
Montmorency Secondary College 17.21 %21122MONTMORENCY 
Flinders Christian Community College,Tyabb 16.90 %24142TYABB 
Gladstone Park Secondary College 16.35 %52318GLADSTONE PARK 
Blackburn High School 16.25 %46283BLACKBURN 
Maribyrnong Secondary College 16.07 %36224MARIBYRNONG 
Casterton Secondary College 16.00 %425CASTERTON 
Ringwood Secondary College 15.95 %56351RINGWOOD 
Keilor Downs College 15.92 %39245KEILOR DOWNS 
Doncaster Secondary College 15.85 %52328DONCASTER 
Belgrave Heights Christian School 15.45 %17110BELGRAVE HEIGHTS 
Braybrook College 15.19 %43283BRAYBROOK 
Eltham High School 15.19 %41270ELTHAM 
St Albans Secondary College 14.79 %38257ST ALBANS 
Monbulk College 13.95 %1286MONBULK 
Wantirna College 13.90 %31223WANTIRNA 
Nathalia Secondary College 13.79 %429NATHALIA 
Mount Lilydale Mercy College 13.78 %43312LILYDALE 
Charlton College 13.64 %322CHARLTON 
Horsham College 13.51 %20148HORSHAM 
Grovedale College 13.16 %20152GROVEDALE 
Warrnambool College 12.64 %33261WARRNAMBOOL 
Leongatha Secondary College 12.50 %15120LEONGATHA 
Catholic College Bendigo 12.33 %56454BENDIGO 
Minaret College,SPRINGVALE 12.18 %19156SPRINGVALE 
Ashwood High School 11.76 %868ASHWOOD 
Wheelers Hill Secondary College 11.76 %12102WHEELERS HILL 
Catholic College Wodonga 11.67 %30257WODONGA 
Belmont High School 11.55 %38329BELMONT 
Trinity College Colac 11.36 %20176COLAC 
Mount Evelyn Christian School 10.89 %11101MOUNT EVELYN 
Warragul Regional College 10.88 %16147WARRAGUL 
Cohuna Secondary College 10.77 %765COHUNA 
Berwick Secondary College 10.56 %36341BERWICK 
St John's College,Preston,VIC,3072 10.53 %219PRESTON 
Warrandyte High School 10.29 %14136WARRANDYTE 
Emmanuel College,Altona North,VIC,3025 10.16 %37364ALTONA NORTH 
Coburg High School 10.00 %110COBURG 
Hoppers Crossing Secondary College 10.00 %23230HOPPERS CROSSING 
Mordialloc College 9.77 %13133MORDIALLOC 
Birchip P-12 School 9.68 %331BIRCHIP 
Camperdown College 9.52 %221CAMPERDOWN 
Footscray City College 9.52 %16168FOOTSCRAY 
Mount Eliza Secondary College 9.26 %15162MOUNT ELIZA 
Manangatang P-12 College 9.09 %111MANANGATANG 
Thornbury High School 8.91 %18202THORNBURY 
Lalor Secondary College 8.67 %13150LALOR 
Epping Secondary College 8.60 %16186EPPING 
Beaufort Secondary College 8.57 %335BEAUFORT 
Lilydale High School 8.13 %37455LILYDALE 
Greensborough Secondary College 8.11 %12148GREENSBOROUGH 
Foster Secondary College 8.00 %675FOSTER 
Emerald Secondary College 7.86 %11140EMERALD 
Sandringham College 7.58 %21277SANDRINGHAM 
Fountain Gate Secondary College 7.55 %12159FOUNTAIN GATE 
Oakleigh Grammar 7.50 %680OAKLEIGH 
Elwood College 7.44 %9121ELWOOD 
Euroa Secondary College 7.14 %798EUROA 
Swan Hill College 7.04 %14199SWAN HILL 
Warracknabeal Secondary College 6.98 %343WARRACKNABEAL 
Ballarat High School 6.92 %22318BALLARAT 
Pascoe Vale Girls Secondary College 6.77 %18266PASCOE VALE 
Trafalgar High School 6.67 %8120TRAFALGAR 
Reservoir High School 6.56 %8122RESERVOIR 
Catholic Regional College,SYDENHAM 6.44 %41637SYDENHAM 
Maffra Secondary College 6.41 %578MAFFRA 
Taylors Lakes Secondary College 6.32 %17269TAYLORS LAKES 
Kyneton Secondary College 6.25 %580KYNETON 
Alexandra Secondary College 6.25 %348ALEXANDRA 
Yea High School 6.10 %582YEA 
Rutherglen High School 6.06 %466RUTHERGLEN 
Mooroolbark College 5.91 %12203MOOROOLBARK 
Donald High School 5.88 %234DONALD 
Seymour College 5.88 %585SEYMOUR 
Red Cliffs Secondary College 5.76 %8139RED CLIFFS 
Cobram Secondary College 5.75 %587COBRAM 
Point Cook Senior Secondary College 5.69 %17299POINT COOK 
Sunbury Downs Secondary College 5.67 %8141SUNBURY 
Cranbourne East Secondary College 5.67 %11194CRANBOURNE EAST 
Gisborne Secondary College 5.62 %14249GISBORNE 
Rosebud Secondary College 5.56 %12216ROSEBUD 
Drouin Secondary College 5.52 %10181DROUIN 
Sunbury College 5.50 %11200SUNBURY 
Mount Ridley College 5.45 %11202CRAIGIEBURN 
Narre Warren South P-12 College 5.34 %14262NARRE WARREN SOUTH 
Corryong College 5.26 %238CORRYONG 
Mildura Senior College 5.11 %28548MILDURA 
Mount Beauty Secondary College 5.08 %359MOUNT BEAUTY 
Melton Secondary College 5.03 %8159MELTON 
Castlemaine Secondary College 4.94 %8162CASTLEMAINE 
Macleod College 4.81 %5104MACLEOD 
Catholic Regional College,Melton West,VIC,3337 4.65 %10215MELTON WEST 
Essendon Keilor College 4.62 %9195ESSENDON 
Cobram Anglican Grammar School 4.55 %122COBRAM 
Flinders Christian Community College,Traralgon 4.35 %123TRARALGON 
Rochester Secondary College 4.35 %492ROCHESTER 
Somerville Secondary College 4.26 %247SOMERVILLE 
Kerang Technical High School 4.00 %375KERANG 
Bright P-12 College 4.00 %250BRIGHT 
Bendigo Senior Secondary College 3.91 %461175BENDIGO 
Noble Park Secondary College 3.88 %4103NOBLE PARK 
Echuca College 3.51 %6171ECHUCA 
Thomastown Secondary College 3.45 %387THOMASTOWN 
St Arnaud Secondary College 3.33 %130ST ARNAUD 
Wedderburn College 3.33 %130WEDDERBURN 
Myrtleford P-12 College 3.33 %130MYRTLEFORD 
Emmanuel College,Warrnambool,VIC,3280 3.32 %9271WARRNAMBOOL 
Upwey High School 3.27 %5153UPWEY 
Broadford Secondary College 3.25 %4123BROADFORD 
Whittlesea Secondary College 2.92 %4137WHITTLESEA 
Heywood and District Secondary College 2.86 %135HEYWOOD 
Carrum Downs Secondary College 2.84 %5176CARRUM DOWNS 
Mirboo North Secondary College 2.78 %272MIRBOO NORTH 
Lakes Entrance Secondary College 2.70 %137LAKES ENTRANCE 
Maryborough Education Centre 2.70 %3111MARYBOROUGH 
Healesville High School 2.60 %277HEALESVILLE 
Koo Wee Rup Secondary College 2.54 %5197KOO WEE RUP 
Mornington Secondary College 2.47 %9364MORNINGTON 
Shepparton High School 2.40 %3125SHEPPARTON 
Sunshine College 2.38 %4168SUNSHINE 
Cranbourne Secondary College 2.34 %4171CRANBOURNE 
Wodonga Senior Secondary College 2.16 %9417WODONGA 
Preshil,Kew,VIC,3101 2.13 %147KEW 
Robinvale College 2.08 %148ROBINVALE 
Beechworth Secondary College 2.04 %149BEECHWORTH 
Tarneit Senior College 1.88 %3160TARNEIT 
Rowville Secondary College 1.83 %9492ROWVILLE 
Boronia K-12 College 1.79 %156BORONIA 
Mount Clear College 1.79 %3168MOUNT CLEAR 
Wallan Secondary College 1.72 %158WALLAN 
Stawell Secondary College 1.49 %167STAWELL 
Yarram Secondary College 1.45 %169YARRAM 
Lara Secondary College 1.44 %2139LARA 
Collingwood College 1.37 %173COLLINGWOOD 
Daylesford Secondary College 1.33 %175DAYLESFORD 
Glenroy Secondary College 1.23 %181GLENROY 
Mansfield Secondary College 1.22 %182MANSFIELD 
Tallangatta Secondary College 1.18 %185TALLANGATTA 
Craigieburn Secondary College 1.12 %2179CRAIGIEBURN 
Hampton Park Secondary College 0.98 %2205HAMPTON PARK 
Dandenong High School 0.92 %4437DANDENONG 
Portland Secondary College 0.71 %1141PORTLAND 
Sale College 0.63 %1160SALE 
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