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The following table ranks NSW government and private schools based on the percentage of exams sat that achieved a DA (Distinguished Achievers). Find best high schools in Sydney or top schools in NSW here. Please find out 2008 Top 200 NSW Schools (HSC) here. Other types of rankings are also available: Government School Ranking | Private School Ranking | School Ranking by All Rounders | School Ranking by Top Achievers | School Ranking by 1st Place. For the results of other years, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.
Note: 1. All the columns are sort-able. To sort by School Name, School Category, Region, Exams Sat, DA or % in ascending or descending order, click on the corresponding column headings.
         2. To find more details of the school, click the school. Most of the links will redirect to the corresponding school listing page.
         3. See School Rankings Based on Academic Results for more information.
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Better Education RankSchoolCategoryRegionExams SatDA%
1 1 James Ruse Agricultural High School GovernmentParramatta111083475.14%
2 2 Baulkham Hills High School GovernmentParramatta122065153.36%
3 3 North Sydney Girls High School GovernmentNorthern Suburbs103955052.94%
4 4 Sydney Girls High School GovernmentCity and Eastern Suburbs101149949.36%
5 5 Hornsby Girls High School GovernmentHornsby71833646.8%
6 6 North Sydney Boys High School GovernmentNorthern Suburbs97444345.48%
7 7 Sydney Boys High School GovernmentCity and Eastern Suburbs128757644.76%
8 8 Sydney Grammar School PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs122954344.18%
9 9 SCEGGS Darlinghurst PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs62827744.11%
10 10 St George Girls High School Kogarah GovernmentSt George94241043.52%
11 11 Malek Fahd Islamic School PrivateBankstown31113443.09%
12 12 Moriah College PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs85335241.27%
13 13 Masada College PrivateNorthern Suburbs33313640.84%
14 14 Kambala PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs53921940.63%
15 15 Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Selective Campus GovernmentNorthern Beaches68525837.66%
16 16 Abbotsleigh PrivateNorthern Suburbs101035435.05%
17 17 Roseville College PrivateNorthern Suburbs40414134.9%
18 18 Ravenswood School for Girls PrivateNorthern Suburbs71024234.08%
19 19 Ascham School PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs51817633.98%
20 20 Caringbah High School GovernmentSutherland-Cronulla88930233.97%
21 21 Frensham School PrivateCanberra-Goulburn2969933.45%
22 22 Girraween High School GovernmentParramatta83327432.89%
23 23 Pymble Ladies' College PrivateNorthern Suburbs143146432.42%
24 24 Hurlstone Agricultural High School Glenfield GovernmentLiverpool105333932.19%
25 25 Merewether High School GovernmentNewcastle108033931.39%
26 26 Queenwood School for Girls PrivateNorthern Beaches38911930.59%
27 26 Tangara School for Girls PrivateHornsby1705230.59%
28 28 Fort Street High School Petersham GovernmentInner Western Suburbs93228430.47%
29 29 St Aloysius College PrivateNorthern Suburbs85325830.25%
30 30 Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney PrivateInner Western Suburbs88026329.89%
31 31 Wenona School PrivateNorthern Suburbs56816729.4%
32 32 Gosford High School GovernmentCentral Coast Region101829929.37%
33 33 Sydney Technical High School Bexley GovernmentSt George87925228.67%
34 34 Normanhurst Boys High School GovernmentHornsby74921228.3%
35 35 Loreto Kirribilli PrivateNorthern Suburbs82522627.39%
36 36 Conservatorium High School GovernmentCity and Eastern Suburbs1885127.13%
37 37 The King's School PrivateParramatta99926726.73%
38 38 Newcastle Grammar School PrivateNewcastle42610725.12%
39 39 MLC Burwood PrivateStrathfield-Auburn86921724.97%
40 40 Kincoppal - Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs61315224.8%
41 41 SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar School PrivateNorthern Suburbs112027424.46%
42 42 Brigidine College St Ives PrivateNorthern Suburbs62215224.44%
43 43 Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College PrivateNorthern Suburbs89621824.33%
44 44 St Catherine's School PrivateCity and Eastern Suburbs47311524.31%
45 45 Penrith High School GovernmentPenrith-Blue Mountains91821823.75%
46 46 Sefton High School GovernmentFairfield89521123.58%
47 47 Self-Tuition Students Government 30723.33%
48 48 St Ignatius' College PrivateNorthern Suburbs144733222.94%
49 49 Meriden School PrivateStrathfield-Auburn3107122.9%
50 50 Loreto Normanhurst PrivateHornsby86819622.58%

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