NSW Selecive HS and OC Placement Scores

The Selective High School Placement Score or (Placement Profile Score called in the past) is a mark out of 300. This mark is used to rank candidates applying for selective high school placement. The mark is calculated based on school assessment scores and Selective High School Placement test scores.

Schools provide school assessment scores of English and Mathematics (out of 100) based generally on the student's performance on the school's curriculum in Year 4 and up to the end of Year 5.

The test scores are as follows:


out of 45


out of 20


out of 40

General ability

out of 60

See more information on how the profile score is calculated here.

The minimum entry score for a selective high school is the test score of the lowest scoring student to accept a place there. Selective High School Placement Test includes English (including reading and writing), mathematics and general ability.

Please note that the geographical location of the schools can affect the minimum entry score too.

Parents should not use minimum entry scores as the only criteria to choose selective high schools. They should also consider the curriculum offered of each school and transport.

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  3. Practice is the key to excel in the tests. You may need to buy selective school entry test books for practice.
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