Korowa Anglican Girls' School

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Course Range (Levels)K-12
Students (approximate)700
Support IB
Special PurposeAll-girls environment that builds confidence

Korowa Students

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Contact Person Mrs Mandy  Andrews
Position of Contact PersonEnrolments Manager
Phone 03 9811 0200     
Address Ranfurlie Crescent, Glen Iris  VIC  3146
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Academic Results and Trend

Year 12 ATAR |


Our VCE results consistently place Korowa in the top band of schools across the State. 

2017 VCE Results

  • 10% of VCE students ranked in the top 1% of the state, with an ATAR of 99 or higher.
  • 42% achieved an ATAR of 95 or above, placing them in the top 5% of the state
  • 57% achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10% of the state
  • Korowa’s median ATAR is 92.05
  • Eight students achieved seven perfect study scores in English, English (EAL), Drama, History (Revolutions), Literature, Chinese 1st Language and German

“Korowa has a strong history of excellence, in both academic and co-curricular endeavours. It is a testament to these young women that they have achieved these outstanding results alongside leadership roles and participating in school choirs and sports teams.

“We have encouraged each student to be fully involved in all facets of school life, in order to help her identify her unique talents and ambitions. I thank their families and teachers who have so ably worked together to support and guide these students throughout their time at Korowa. I congratulate Korowa’s VCE students on their achievements and am confident that whatever path they pursue will lead them to further success.”

     -   Principal Helen Carmody

Three students are the Duces of Korowa this year, Ann Liang, Karla Murphy and Jessica Zhong. The girls each attained an ATAR of 99.70.

Korowa graduates continue to university level to study across a broad range of fields, including medicine, law, business, science, engineering, art and design. Korowa’s university entrance levels are among the highest in the State.

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Korowa's emphasis on a well-rounded education means that we can harness the broad range of abilities and interests that our girls have to motivate them to strive for success. 

From clubs to sport, outdoor adventures and social service - there is always a lot going on beyond the classroom at Korowa.

Our extracurricular offerings provide outlets for students to nurture and grow their existing talents and explore new ones, while making friends with students who share their interests.

With programs in the arts, sports, clubs and community service, Korowa students have a multitude of extracurricular options that are not only fun, but also serve to develop confidence and build leadership and teamwork skills.

- Snowsport - Rowing - Netball - Swimming - Dance - Gymnastics - Music - Theatre Productions - Debating - Speech & Drama - Social Service - and more.


Korowa is committed to providing education opportunities for girls which nurture their unique talents and abilities. As part of this, we offer Academic, Music and General Excellence Scholarships to current and future students in Years 5 - 11.

Find more information: www.korowa.vic.edu.au/page/enrol/scholarships