Xavier High School

StateSchoolDetailsYear Founded
NSW Xavier High School   1983

McDonald College - the perfect school for a creative child
School Details | Update
Course Range (Levels)K-12
Students (approximate)551
Support IB
Special PurposeCIS Accredited
Only 6 kms from the CBD, we run a personalised bus service to 5 destinations in Adelaide and door to door for parents. Our academic record since the introduction of the TER is more than 50% of our Year 12s recorded a TER in the Top 10% of the State. Our class sizes average 17 students, with a capping of 24.

Campuses and Contact Details | Update
Contact Person Mr   
Position of Contact Person 
Phone 02 6025 8400     
Address Fallon Street, North ALBURY  NSW  2640

Academic Results and Trends

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