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   Better Education is a free online community for students, parents, teachers, schools, tutors, music teachers, coaches (academic, sports, fitness, arts, extra-curriculum, adult, professional) and anybody else involved in learning and teaching.

   Better Education provides informative and comparative school results (VCE, HSC, OP, WACE, SACE, NTCE, TCE, ATAR, NAPLAN etc), including school rankings or ratings and lists of best performing schools, to parents wanting to make choices about schooling for their children.

   Better Education also provides information on private school scholarships and selective school tests, universities, courses, degrees, ATAR cut-offs, preschools, kindergartens and much more.

   In addition, Better Education Online Bookstore gives discount to school, higher education, academic and professional books, including textbooks, teacher resource books, exam guides and digital products. Moreover, Better Education offers free service to the community in Australia and abroad by answering questions via Better Education Forum and emails.

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